tourYour guide, Melody Elwell Romancito will take you on a different kind of journey through the streets and alleyways of Paranormal Taos. One that tells the stories the Ghosts of Taos long to share.

Meet at 122E Kit Carson Road at Twilight (or just before sunset). We find the light at sunset to be most conducive for a journey through the ghostly past of Taos.

img_6077The tour stays spontaneous and Ghosts of Taos offers tours almost any evening – depending on demand – and we’ve been known to schedule a tour at the drop of a hat, but it is best if guests can email ahead to make sure the tour is not full or that it is happening on the night you wish to go.

The tour goes as far as members of the group are comfortable going and takes about an hour and a half and sometimes two hours. Walking shoes are a must. You’d hate to miss the best part because your shoes are pinching!

Also, we are flexible with our content. If the subject matter gets too intense for those in the group (like children, for instance), we’re more than willing to scale the spooky back a bit.

We charge $20 per person but offer discounts for families with children and groups. Contact us via email at or use the contact form we have here.

Places we routinely visit:

  • The Old Taos County Court House
  • Teresina Lane
  • Bent Street
  • Reportedly the oldest building on the plaza
  • A haunted inn
  • A colorful hotel with a past
  • Ledoux Street
  • Doña Luz Street & parking lot
  • Kit Carson Road
  • and more, depending on the wishes of the guests on the tour