Gravely Famous

Ghosts of Taos podcast Season 1 Episode 4: Gravely Famous Taos has its share of the famous – both dead and living. Kit Carson Memorial Park is a burial ground steeped with history and mystery. In this episode we explore the history and play an interview with Dr. Kathy Cordova of El Prado New Mexico … Continue reading Gravely Famous

The Coco Man, farm spirits and rude gestures

According to Wikipedia, The myth of the Coco originated in Portugal and Galicia. According to the Real Academia Española, the word coco derives from the Galician and Portuguese côco, which referred to a ghost with a pumpkin head. The word coco is used in colloquial speech to refer to the human head in Portuguese and … Continue reading The Coco Man, farm spirits and rude gestures

Paranormal distress?

A woman in the historic district in Taos is having trouble that she attributes to the paranormal. Here is a list of the claims of activity: objects that were supposed to be in one room found in another strange light phenomena in photographs taken with an iPhone toothpaste tube contents being squeezed out and other … Continue reading Paranormal distress?

Got ghosts? Take control of your space

You’ve shopped around. You’ve gone from neighborhood to neighborhood and open house to open house, and you have finally found your perfect, adobe restoration project. Everything is going smoothly until your electrician meets you at the top of the basement stairs and tells you you’re going to have to find another electrician because he’s not … Continue reading Got ghosts? Take control of your space

La Lorona sighting along Hwy 64

We just got an email from some visitors who asked if the road through Taos Canyon, especially right there in Cañon, was haunted. They said: Email 1: Good morning, We just spent Sunday night in Taos and have a question. Is there a 'ghost story' involved with highway 64 - within the first few miles, … Continue reading La Lorona sighting along Hwy 64

We smelled cigar smoke

This wonderful group, Rebecca Meares with Sunny Turner, her sister Linda, Linda's daughter Sarah, and Sarah's boyfriend Craig, smelled fresh cigar smoke while we took a short break at La Fonda's lobby. Bob Saud, the current owner of La Fonda, showed the group the drawings by D.H. Lawrence, and on the way out of the … Continue reading We smelled cigar smoke