From Dust to Digital

About 20 years ago my husband and I were starting a book project and we needed some art to flesh it out. We asked a good friend of our to dress up like an old woman and we'd do some nighttime exposure stuff and make it spooky. She did not disappoint. I remember at one... Continue Reading →

New logo, new look

We've got a new logo and the website has a whole new look! We hope this reflects our shift to being more of a knowledge-based archive rather than an experience-based promotional website. Thank you to everyone who has encourage me in this endeavor.

Introducing the Hotbox of Horror

On the second Thursday of every month, we have planned an evening of storytelling and spookiness called the "Hotbox of Horror." We get together in a figital (digital + real life) event at 4:20 p.m. MST and tell each other the scariest stories we can think of. Winners get prizes and more! Visit the Hotbox... Continue Reading →

Curtailing tours altogether

The time has come to hang up our tour guide badge. We'll no longer be giving walking tours, but we'll put together a self-tour PDF and map and we'll continue to create podcasts and videos dealing with the paranormal and Taos. We want to thank everyone who took the tour during the 11 years we... Continue Reading →

Spooky Stays

Ghosts of Taos podcast, Season 1, Episode 3: Spooky Stays Haunted Hotels and Inn in the Historic District of Taos. Here are a couple of stories about our more active properties. So often I'll get the question, "what's the most haunted hotel in town?" and I would be hard-pressed to have a concise answer because... Continue Reading →

Gearing up for the season

It's not our imagination! The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting cooler. that means it will be Halloween soon! Be sure and plan your autumnal vacation in Taos to include a ghost tour! We need 24-hours notice, and there is one evening during the Halloween weekend we will not be available --... Continue Reading →

Memoirs and ghosts

It's difficult to understand why in a brief meeting, one can feel such warmth and goodwill towards some and a coolness and reserve towards others. I suppose if one could figure that out and control it all wars would cease and man would discover the true meaning of brotherhood.

Full moon fun on the tour

Ghosts of Taos tour guide Melody Romancito had a group of ghost hunters, mediums, and sensitives for last night's tour. It was a delightful sharing of stories and a real pleasure to spend the evening with Seth F. and friends from Manitu Springs, Colorado. We're sorry we don't have a photo, but everyone left their... Continue Reading →

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