Wonderful testimonial from Kim E. of Denver

scan 034I just received the nicest note from a woman who took the tour in July with her daughter. I’d like to share it with you.

“Just a delayed note of thanks for giving me and my daughter a private ghost tour. I found you delightful personally and professionally and so much enjoyed the informative tour.

My heartfelt thanks to your husband as well for his participation and support of you and your tours.”

Kim & Kara E.

Tour testimonial from Lawrence Baker of Taos

La Fonda on Taos Plaza at night time“My visiting family and I went on a ghost tour of Taos and had a great time. Walking around Taos at night on a balmy summer evening, hearing the history and seeing where events happened was wonderful fun. The next day, the children talked a lot about some of the spookier aspects of the tour. They were not freaked out, just curious. Melody gave me the option of toning it down but I thought the children would get a better feel for what Taos really is if they were told the whole story and they did.” – Lawrence Baker

We smelled cigar smoke

2013-10-14 19.45.40 HDR
This wonderful group, Rebecca Meares with Sunny Turner, her sister Linda, Linda’s daughter Sarah, and Sarah’s boyfriend Craig, smelled fresh cigar smoke while we took a short break at La Fonda’s lobby. Bob Saud, the current owner of La Fonda, showed the group the drawings by D.H. Lawrence, and on the way out of the hotel, we smelled the smoke again — this time, from the vestibule, where no smoking is allowed.

Saki Karavas, one of the former owners of La Fonda, is known to haunt the hallways and lobby of La Fonda. He is described as being a “constant presence in the hotel” by people who work, visit and stay there.

Easy conversational style

A couple from California, Susan and Ed, took the Twilight Tour Wednesday, Oct. 26,2011.

“Their [the Romancito’s] conversational style made the whole tour that much more interesting than the usual tour-guide sing-song style I’ve heard before. Some of the history here is truly gruesome.”

Both were interested in history, so they got a little extra helping of history when Bob Saud of La Fonda met them in the lobby and showed them the famous D.H. Lawrence drawings.