Manby, Most Hated

Ghosts of Taos podcast Season 1, Episode 5: Manby, Most Hated Arthur R. Manby was and still is the most hated man in Taos. Even today, his story is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of Taos.  Listen to hear a little of Manby's complicated story and why he was the "most hated … Continue reading Manby, Most Hated

Gravely Famous

Ghosts of Taos podcast Season 1 Episode 4: Gravely Famous Taos has its share of the famous – both dead and living. Kit Carson Memorial Park is a burial ground steeped with history and mystery. In this episode we explore the history and play an interview with Dr. Kathy Cordova of El Prado New Mexico … Continue reading Gravely Famous

Spooky Stays

Ghosts of Taos podcast, Season 1, Episode 3: Spooky Stays Haunted Hotels and Inn in the Historic District of Taos. Here are a couple of stories about our more active properties. So often I'll get the question, "what's the most haunted hotel in town?" and I would be hard-pressed to have a concise answer because … Continue reading Spooky Stays

EVPs – What are they saying?

Season One, Episode 2 of the Ghosts of Taos podcast: Electronic Voice Phenomena is one of the more popular techniques for paranormal investigations. In Season 1 Episode 2 of Ghosts of Taos, we'll be talking about an investigation at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house where I was lucky enough to be allowed to leave a … Continue reading EVPs – What are they saying?

Announcing the new “Ghosts of Taos” podcast

We've decided one of the best ways to get past the Covid-19 restrictions is to offer a new Ghosts of Taos podcast for those of you who are interested in paranormal and supernatural stories and legends of Taos, New Mexico. I'd love to pop in a player for you, but until it gets picked … Continue reading Announcing the new “Ghosts of Taos” podcast

The Coco Man, farm spirits and rude gestures

According to Wikipedia, The myth of the Coco originated in Portugal and Galicia. According to the Real Academia Española, the word coco derives from the Galician and Portuguese côco, which referred to a ghost with a pumpkin head. The word coco is used in colloquial speech to refer to the human head in Portuguese and … Continue reading The Coco Man, farm spirits and rude gestures