Manby, Most Hated

Ghosts of Taos podcast Season 1, Episode 5: Manby, Most Hated Arthur R. Manby was and still is the most hated man in Taos. Even today, his story is considered to be one of the greatest mysteries of Taos.  Listen to hear a little of Manby's complicated story and why he was the "most hated... Continue Reading →

Gravely Famous

Ghosts of Taos podcast Season 1 Episode 4: Gravely Famous Taos has its share of the famous – both dead and living. Kit Carson Memorial Park is a burial ground steeped with history and mystery. In this episode we explore the history and play an interview with Dr. Kathy Cordova of El Prado New Mexico... Continue Reading →

Spooky Stays

Ghosts of Taos podcast, Season 1, Episode 3: Spooky Stays Haunted Hotels and Inn in the Historic District of Taos. Here are a couple of stories about our more active properties. So often I'll get the question, "what's the most haunted hotel in town?" and I would be hard-pressed to have a concise answer because... Continue Reading →

EVPs – What are they saying?

Season One, Episode 2 of the Ghosts of Taos podcast: Electronic Voice Phenomena is one of the more popular techniques for paranormal investigations. In Season 1 Episode 2 of Ghosts of Taos, we'll be talking about an investigation at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house where I was lucky enough to be allowed to leave a... Continue Reading →

New and old ghosts

Every time I walk down Ledoux Street in Taos I am reminded of my friend Tally Richards. Her gallery used to be at the top of the street. It's harder and harder to keep track of what's there now. Perhaps that's the reason why us old timers tend to refer to places in terms of... Continue Reading →

Michaelmas in Taos

Saint Michael the Archangel is called upon to help those wrestling with demons, both real and imagined. He is the Patron Saint of Paranormal Investigators. Today, September 29, is Michaelmas. We set up our tripod as the sun came up and once the sun started to rise over the peaks of the mountains, the colors... Continue Reading →

Paranormal distress?

A woman in the historic district in Taos is having trouble that she attributes to the paranormal. Here is a list of the claims of activity: objects that were supposed to be in one room found in another strange light phenomena in photographs taken with an iPhone toothpaste tube contents being squeezed out and other... Continue Reading →

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