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Our evolving story

Originally, Ghosts of Taos began as a walking tour. The route of the tour changed over time, and when we began in 2011 we had no idea we were going to be dealing with pandemics and a shift toward virtual experiences.

We stopped booking tours in mid-August of 2022 and are now concentrating on podcasts, and the virtual reality experience.

Over the last couple of years, we had to shift away from meeting on the Plaza at the Gazebo, to meeting on Kit Carson Road. Activities on the Plaza made it difficult to meet and sometimes the volume of motorcycles, cars, bands, and other activities, although fun for visitors, has made it difficult to present the stories while walking.

We’ve told our stories again and again, and that’s something we’re going to miss. Meeting all of you. Over the years we have met some fascinating people and heard about their experiences as well.

We’ve even had our share of experiences on the tour – some of them seem paranormal in nature, and some of them have been the kind of experiences one has with humans that are alive, and all the energies that come with it.

We still have stories to tell and hope you’ll join us with our book, podcasts, videos, and VR experience.

M. Elwell Romancito, guide, author, and podcaster.

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