From Dust to Digital

About 20 years ago my husband and I were starting a book project and we needed some art to flesh it out. We asked a good friend of our to dress up like an old woman and we’d do some nighttime exposure stuff and make it spooky.

She did not disappoint. I remember at one point doing some shots in a pasture next to the Acequia Madre Lane. I could swear we caused people to lay on their brakes a little bit because of what they thought they were seeing: La Llorona!

What we’ve been able to find are the shots from the cemetery, which are spooky in their own way, but I personally, am looking forward to that shot of La Llorona weeping and crying, combing the lateral ditch in Cañon on its way to the Mother Ditch.

Sometimes old photographs are like great white whales. We are searching and searching for them, again and again.

Watchále! La Llorona is checking the river! Again!!!!


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