Halloween Investigation at 108B Dona Luz

We are embarking on a paranormal investigation at 108B Dona Luz for Halloween and All Saints Day (Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, 2021). The investigation has been in the works for several months.

Our original intention was to have tours earlier in the evening, break for dinner then for a select set of investigators, set up equipment at one of the more heavily haunted locations in the Taos Historic District.

Covid, of course, changed all that, so instead of a giddy group of investigators, it’s going to be me and my good friend, Scott Geddes. This is actually going to be more favorable for the actual investigation part, although I’m sure a larger group would have made it fun, for sure.

The address actually has access to the legendary Taos Tunnels, which are a network of undercrofts and basements, seamed together with tunnels, which were dug in the early 1700s to hide from raiding Commanches. They were subsequently used for all sorts of illegal and nefarious activities, including smuggling booze during the prohibition, illegal card games, hiding prostitutes, and a lot of activities that will, hopefully, never see the light of day.

There used to be a bench across the street from 106 Dona Luz. It wasn’t easy to sit there after dark without the sense of being watched.

I’ve been involved with other investigations at this location, and I was lucky enough to gather some evidence that was surprising.

While you’re waiting for me to process tomorrow’s data and reveal what we find, have a look and listen to my other investigations at this fabulous, haunted location.

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