Michaelmas in Taos


Saint Michael the Archangel is called upon to help those wrestling with demons, both real and imagined. He is the Patron Saint of Paranormal Investigators.

Today, September 29, is Michaelmas. We set up our tripod as the sun came up and once the sun started to rise over the peaks of the mountains, the colors really fired up.

You might be able to see the face that was not necessarily apparent to the naked eye, but was there when the digital files were brought to the screen. This effect is called pareidolia. This is the brain filling in and contextually putting the visual data together and seeing a face.

And we all know, once pareidolia is in effect, it is hard to unsee the face that suddenly looms in our imaginations.

Whose face do you see in the clouds in the sunrise on this Michaelmas in the Taos Valley?

NOTE: The photos are from a series called “El Crepusculo,” which is Spanish for “The Dawning Light.” It is also the name Padre Martinez gave to his newspaper, the first in the region, and is the name of the parent company for the local newspapers of record in Taos and in Santa Fe.

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