Paranormal distress?

A woman in the historic district in Taos is having trouble that she attributes to the paranormal.

Here is a list of the claims of activity:

  • objects that were supposed to be in one room found in another
  • strange light phenomena in photographs taken with an iPhone
  • toothpaste tube contents being squeezed out and other messes
  • loud, unexplained noises in empty rooms
  • chill areas

Ghosts of Taos has already visited the location and standard measures were taken to persuade the entities to leave. Nothing unusual happened during the time we were there, but we were not conducting an investigation. We were just interviewing the woman, checking out the building and smudging, etc. We did suggest any entities responsible for the activity should stop bothering the woman and move along.

We’ve uploaded photos taken by the woman and we’re curious as to what we might be dealing with, under the circumstances.

We’ve left the comment section open (at least for the time being), and we’re curious about your thoughts.


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