Got ghosts? Take control of your space

filtered-smudgeYou’ve shopped around. You’ve gone from neighborhood to neighborhood and open house to open house, and you have finally found your perfect, adobe restoration project. Everything is going smoothly until your electrician meets you at the top of the basement stairs and tells you you’re going to have to find another electrician because he’s not going down in the basement again. Ever.

Or, let’s say you’re doing the work yourself and as you begin to work on particular areas of your dream restoration project, your tools begin to go missing or are moved, ostensibly when there’s no one else around.

These are common claims from people who have bought homes in the Taos area. The buildings in question don’t even have to be old to for it to have its own resident spirits, entities or paranormal “issues.”

What should you do if you feel you may have stirred things up in your home with restoration phases, opening long-closed passageways, or tearing down old walls? Should you try to make peace with the spirits that you have stirred up with your changes or do you take it upon yourself to help the spirits to move on?

Renovation: The perfect storm for paranormal activity

Experts say the conditions of changing ownership, large interior and exterior changes in a structure is the perfect storm for paranormal activity. These actions can also release held energies in wood, stone, and adobe.

Additionally, houses that have been empty for long periods of time are susceptible to attracting these energies because the “ghosts” or entities know they probably won’t have much chance of being disturbed or bothered by the living.

dollsSomething else that might contribute to the accumulation of spirits is energies or attachments are what are called “haunted objects.” These are most likely items purchased at estate, yard sales and antique shops. The physics of how an object can hold information is complex, but the field of measuring that information is known as psychometry or the ability to discover facts about an event or person by touching inanimate objects associated with them. Not necessarily a new field of study, scientists are just now discovering the grounds for such information storage in objects, because these phenomena have been reported as long as humans have thought to make note of it.

The most common haunted objects include:

  • Dolls
  • Jewelry
  • Antique bed frames and headboards
  • Paintings (especially self-portraits)
  • Mirrors
  • Clothing (especially gowns)
  • Chairs

If you love antiques it might be hard for you to forego garage sales and antique shops. There’s something special about an item that is found after a delightful hunt. But perhaps that “specialness” is actually a lure to get you to take it home. It is always a good idea to inquire about the history of an item before buying it, especially if it’s especially old and expensive and you’re bringing it into your home. The more expensive something is the less likely you’ll want to part with it, even if you discover it’s the source of your paranormal activity.

Before carrying these object into your home, you might want to give them a spritz with salt water, smudge them and let them sit in a light airy spot for as long as you can. You could even clap your hands, bang on a pot lid with a spoon or ring a bell loudly over the items and say, “Be on your way. I wish you no harm.” This gives any attached spirit an opportunity detach itself and leave before you bring the item into the house.

Be assertive and take charge

If you’re having paranormal issues in your home or restoration project, there are a few steps you can take yourself that might help abate the situation. These are the actions you should be able to take on your own without having to call in experts.

toolsThere are several schools of thought about steps one can take to rid or at least quiet paranormal activity in a building. Most will agree that a tidy, nonchaotic environment is helpful in clearing an area. It may be difficult to keep things tidy while a renovation is going on, but taking the time to return tools to their proper place daily and making sure construction trash is collected outside goes a long way toward appeasing spirits who take to hiding tools and making things rough for the sloppy contractor. Of course, some spirits are so annoyed by the sudden increase in activity and change to their old digs, they might just throw a fit anyway.

This is when you need to step it up a bit with some sage-bundle burning, or smudging. Be careful about the sparks that fly off the sage bundles around construction littler. That’s another reason to keep the area picked up. There’s less opportunity for ghostly pyrotechnic shenanigans and unexplainable accidents.

Another step you can take is to spritz the area with salt water, and if you like, a few drops of essential oils like rosemary, lavender, and frankincense in the water can really make an impact on the heavy feeling in a room.

dreamcatcherAnother thing experts recommend is to keep a log or a journal of any activity that occurs. It’s a great way to recall the events while they are fresh in your mind but also to see if a pattern of activity exists. The determination of such a pattern would be extremely helpful to an investigator.

It could show a natural cause for the activity such as a furnace or refrigerator kicking on If the activity turns out to actually be paranormal you may decide it’s a paranormal investigation or maybe even a spiritual cleaning is needed. Obviously, if it looks like the ghostly events are occurring at a certain time (or day), then this would be the time an investigator to schedule their inquiry.

When you are compiling your paranormal activity journal or logbook, here are a few things that you want to include:

Note the exact time and date when the activity occurred.
Make a note of everyone who was present and what they saw. If possible have each witness record their thoughts in their own words.
Note the weather conditions at the time.

A journal is an invaluable tool if an investigator or medium comes to help and it will go a long way in establishing evidence about the haunting in your home.

There are more steps you can take to regain control of your environment if you think it’s being plagued by spirits. The internet is full of information, from the basic to the elaborate, and it may get to the point with your particular situation that you want to call in an expert.

When it’s time to call in the experts

You know it’s time to call in a professional investigator or medium when your situation is all you can think about, you’re afraid to spend time in your home or when you feel like you are in actual danger or being harmed.

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If you’re simply experiencing paranormal activity, think about weighing your options before you go about contacting a paranormal exterminator. Are you in any real harm? Are the infrequent yet persistent events easy enough to deal with? If they are you should do what you can to make peace with the spirits and manage to coexist. If you can’t abide them in your space, call a priest, religious leader or do a google search for Taos + psychic medium and a list of local professionals will be presented.

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