Mini-investigation at the Taos Territorial Inn

I was called to do a mini paranormal investigation and demonstration at the old Territorial Inn on Padre Lane this October 31 by owner John Bradley. He said they’ve been having motion-detector alarms going off in the middle of the night when the property has been empty recently.

I came and set up some basic equipment, but I did not conduct a thorough three-hour investigation in the middle of the night, which is usually the way investigators with New Mexico Research and Investigation (NMRIP) work. I was asked to show guests of Mr. Bradley how NMRIP conducts its investigations and then I was to escort the guests from Padre Lane to Martyrs Steakhouse and their dinner reservation, telling stories about the Taos Historic District along the way.

One of the things that struck me right away as I was setting up equipment in the basement was that there seemed to be something just outside of what we could actually see in the basement, and that while the demonstration and investigation were going on, these energies seemed to be in the dark crawl spaces, waiting for us to clear out.

That being said, my equipment did not register any paranormal activity either during the demonstration or after, when the equipment was left rolling and the building was empty. I hope I can come back to the property to do a proper investigation and look further because I am certain there is something there.