Bent Street spirits are far from quiet

Last night, Ella and I gave our first “Twilight Tours” for a couple of women who were visiting Taos, and although the woman from Crownpoint professed to not know too much about ghosts, I got the feeling she was low-balling her interest.

After the tour was over and Ella and I were enjoying  a treat at the Gorge restaurant, Ella confessed she had a personal experience while we were on the Bent Street part of the tour.

She said she didn’t want to say anything, but while I was explaining to these visitors the history Governor Bent and his family, and how so much of our history is wrapped up in these events, she felt a knock on the window frame she was leaning against.

We were in the little alley way to the side of the Bent Museum. Ella continued to say she felt the bump a second time and when she turned to look in the direction of the window, the curtains swayed slightly, but there were no lights on and the buildings appeared empty.

An interesting anecdote to relate as part of our first Twilight tour!